Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Children age 7 - 12

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Children Age 7 - 12


There are so many toys and gifts out in the market. 7-12 year old is a significant age for kids where they are at their most active age. Have no idea what to look for? Let us give you an idea on what to get for your kids now! At Gift n Give, we have more than 2000 products for you to choose from, worry free gifting choice for you since we are providing gift wrapping service for you as well! Choose your birthday toys for your kids now!


1. Block Toys

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Block Toys are the most fun to play and to collect. Your child will definitely love them! You can have fun with your children while building block toys with them, also get small door gifts for your children's friends! 

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2. Plush Toys

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Plush toys are your children's guardian. It is a very good companion for your children no matter in playground, or even bedroom. We have soft toys ranging from small to big size and different cartoons. Get one for your children now!

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3. Small Coin Pouch

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You are always worried about your children have no place to keep their coins. No worries! We have small coin pouches here where as your children will be able to keep their coins safe and sound!

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4. Tabletop Games

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Its weekends! Surely they are plenty of activities out there, but hang on, we got some tabletop games for you! Enjoy your weekends at home playting tabletop games with your children now!

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5. Toy Guns & Blasters

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Pew pew pew! We have toy guns and blasters for sale as well. No worries! The power are not strong and the bullets are made of plastic, surely a safe choice you and your children to play with!

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6. Mug

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Our mugs are special. We have so many mugs that comes with different designs ranging from cute, to motivational quotes. Cheers your children up now!

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7. Tumbler

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Getting a tumblers for your children is always headache. You are always wondering your children if they drink water or not. No worries! We have plenty of tumblers here which comes in different design, which make sure they will love it!

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8. Travel Accessories

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Travelling around with your children? Why not grab them travel accessorries? We have plenty of products here such as U-Shaped Pillows, travel luggale scales, and luggage tags. Surely get your children started and handles your travel schedule well!

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9. Magnetic Putty Toy

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Life is about learning, grab your children magnetic putty toy now! Surely grabs their attention toward science and maybe lead them to something new!

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10. Pen

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Pen are essentials when it comes to schooling, or maybe if your children loves to writting in ball pen. We have a variety of designs of pen here and it surely get your children started!

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