Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Children age 3-6

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Children Age 3-6


Most parents would scratch their head when it comes to gifting. What should I get for my children? Planning a surprise birthday party but no idea what to get for door gifts? Finding the perfect gifts for your children? Don't worry, problem solved! We have it here!

At Gift n Give, you can always find gifts based on age range and gender. All our simple toys and gifts will definitely leave your children in joy and surprise when they received the gift!

Here's our list to guide you through.


1. Stationery Sets

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3 – 6 years old are just at the starting age to start learning, gifting stationery sets will never go wrong! Boost your children’s creativity and let them learn with joy when cartoon stationery sets are around them!

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2. Stickers

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Stickers are fun, and it will enhance a few skill areas of your kids. We have a large collection of stickers at a very affordable price. Most of our sticker comes in a set and we have a lot of designs. Your children would love it!

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3. Deformation Eggs

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Having a birthday party for your children? Get deformation eggs as a door gift for your kids and their friends! They will be more than happy to receive it as they will get surprise when they open up the eggs. Buy in bulk to save more and get more discount from us. Chat with us now!


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4. PJ Masks Toys

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PJ Masks cartoon is hot pancake now. Your child will definitely love them if they can play with their favourite characters in the show! We have a few toys designs here that you can let your children play with.

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5. LOL Surprise Toys

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This one is no doubt one of the musts in toys! It is called LOL Surprise doll for a reason. Your children can open the deformation eggs and find out what are the surprise given by LOL Dolls. Besides, they can dress them up and play with them!

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6. Robocar Poli Toys

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Robocar Poli surely captured a lot of attention since their first season played. The short South Korean animation series are fun to watch and play with. Which kids don’t know about them? Surprise your kids now with toys characters from Robocar Poli now!

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7. Bags

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Yes, bags for kids! Who doesn’t want their children to look outstanding? We have a variety design of bags here where you can get for your kids, school bags, tuition bags, tote bags or even water bottle bags. Surely it will make them look good and also a convenience for your kids to bring books around!

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8. Watches

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Watches are good gifts where you can teach your children about time management. We have a lot of designs here where you can let your children look in style and fashion!

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9. Hat

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Hat are essentials when it comes to Malaysia where the sun shines bright and warm here. Our hats come in different designs and cartoons where you surely can find their favourite cartoons or characters online!

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10. Puzzles

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The logic trainer, puzzles, are always a mandatory toy bought by our parents since young. It trains your children problem-solving skills and logic as well. Our cartoon themed puzzle will surely draw their attention into playing and learning!

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