Sun Bear Extra Large Happy Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper Party Present Balut Hadiah (76.5 x 52.5cm)
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Product SKU 13-WP38-HB
Brand Sun Bear
Size (L x W x H) 54 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm
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Product: Sun Bear Gift Wrapping Papers (76.5 x 52.5cm)(70gsm)

Size (cm): 76.5 x 52.5

Includes: 1 x Wrapping Paper

Material: High Quality Art Paper


1. Premium Products from our Licensed Partner - Sun Bear

2. Widely distributed throughout whole Malaysia

3. All products are specially designed and patented by Sun Bear

4. Made of high quality Art Papers and weight 70gsm

5. Large in size (76.5 x 52.5cm)

6. Selling at wholesale price

7. More than 100 designs available

Gift n Give is excited to announce that we are collaborating with our Licensed Partner - Sun Bear. Gift Wrapping Papers is one of the best selling Sun Bear products. They are widely distributed throughout whole Malaysia. They can easily be found in large supermarket. All the wrapping papers are specially designed and patented by Sun Bear.

Sun Bear Gift Wrapping Papers are made of high quality Art Papers and weight 70gsm. The size of them is BIGGER (76.5 x 52.5cm) than the normal wrapping papers out there. There are MORE THAN 100 designs available right now in store and we are selling it at WHOLESALE price!

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